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Updates coming soon

The AGM (Annual General Meeting)  and the committee meeting have just completed.
A new event list is being created and will be posted soon.

Pub Meeting in Solothurn

When:Every Monday Night from 19:00 (7pm) onwards.
Where:Red John Irish Pub Landhausquai 1, 4500 Solothurn 
Cost:What you eat and drink 
Contact:Adrian 0765677795 for more information 
RSVP: Just turn up, I will be there every Monday night to welcome you.
Just come along for a chat over a drink and have a game of darts and sometimes there is live music.
Hot and cold bar snacks are served if you are hungry.
Look up Red John Irish Pub Solothurn on Facebook for more information and events that will be taking place.

Coffee Morning in Solothurn

When:  Coffee morning every last Thursday morning of the month between 10am-12pm    
Where: Cafebar Barock at Landhausquai  5 Solothurn
Cost:  None, just pay for your own drinks etc
RSVP: Frédéric Falbriard (  Tel: 079.2184475) for Thursdays meeting.
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Coffee Afternoon Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month

When:2nd Tuesday of the Month from 1:45pm 
Where:Barock coffee bar Landhausquai 5, 4500 Solothurn]
Cost:Just what you drink and eat 
Contact:Susie Fieldhouse 0774996940 
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Indian Meal at Srignags House Derendingen. Ist March 2019 7pm

When:Friday 1st March start 1900 Hrs (7:00pm)
Where:IndianRestraunt Srignags Derendingen 
Cost: CHF 35 for starter and main meal. Dessert is Mango for the CHF5.00 if you book with the main meal. 
Contact:John Sang 0326216345 or Hilary Walter 0326234732
RSVP:By 27th Febuary to book your place

Treberwurst at Hazeraj, Ligerz, lake of Biel

When:Sunday 24th March at 12:00 
Where: Distllery Hazeraj, Ligerz on the lake of Biel 
Cost:CHF 30:00. drinks additional 
Contact:Frédéric Falbriard e-mail:
RSVP:9th Febuary 
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Easter Brunch on Monday 22nd April 2019 at 10am

When:Easter Monday 22nd April, Begins at 10am 
Where:Beat's Place at Bürgerstrasse 3 4542 Luterbach
Cost:Members free, non members Sfr5. Bring your own food to cook on the grill,
 soft drinks, bread, tea & coffee, milk supplied by the club.
Contact:Beat Hirzig Tel:0794631151 easterbunny.jpg
RSVP: 15th April
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SLOWUP bike ride is here again on the 12th May at 10am

Slowup bike ride is a fantastic funday out for young and old, you can take a picnic or buy food
and drink on the ride which can be a long or short ride so it great for kids to.
When:12th May at 10am
Where:Starting at the H4 hotel (RAMADA) by the river
Cost: zero
Contact:Adrian 0765677795
RSVP:Just turn up
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FASC AGM and Lunch afternoon 25th May 2019 at 11:15 in Lausanne

When:25th May.The FASC AGM is here again and is being held on a lovely old steam boat
on the lake of Lausanne meeting at 11:15
Where:Ouchy Lausanne Port at 11:40 and returns at 15:20
Cost: The lunch for all ASC members is free but boat trip and drinks is at your own cost.
Contact:Gabi Cruise for exact details. e-mail  
Map :

Beaver Watching at the Emmenspitz end of May or June on a friday evening

Come along and join in the excitement of watching these facinating animals.
Great for familys. The watch takes about 1.30hrs to 2hrs
When:End of May or June 
Cost:To follow 
Contact:Martin Lack e-mail:  
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Solothurn Rowing Club 22nd June at 9:30 am

Come along and have a go at rowing in a rowing boat on the river.
or just have a tour of the rowing club.
When:22nd June 2019 at 9:30am. 
Where:Solothurn Ruder Clubhaus. 
Cost:CHF 15.00 per person for those who wish to row. you must
 be able to get in and out of the boat on the water. 
Contact:Mona Müller Tel: 0794738743 e-mail
RSVP:Register by the end of April.
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Mini Golf Zuchwil, sometime in July (TBA)

Minigolf at 11am, great fun for all the family
When:TBA Meeting at 11am
Where:Zuchwil sports center 
Cost:.Adults Sfr5 Child Sfr3
Contact:Shirley Bergman 0798002538

RSVP  Please let Shirley know if you are coming by TBA

Schwingen up the Weissenstein in August ( Farmers wrestling)

Come along and whatch all the wrestlers in their lederhosen fight each other for the grand title.
Great for the family.
When:Sometime in August TBA 
Contact:Rebecca Kellerhals Tel. 0763229164
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Summer BBQ Sunday 25th August from 12pm

When:Sunday 25th August 2019 from 12:00pmBBQ.png
Where:Waldhaus Luterbach.
Cost: TBA Just bring your food for the grill and alcohol to drink
Contact:Beat or Adrian Tel.0794631151 or Tel. 0765677795.
RSVP: Friday 23rd. August.2019
B.Y.O.(Bring your ownMeat to grill and alcohol to drink (soft drinks provided by the club)
Bring along a salad or dessert to share

Bike Ride in September

Bike Ride Details to follow
When:TBA in September 2019 at 9am 
Where:Red John Irish Pub Solothurn, Landhausquai Solothurn
Cost: Cost of the restraunt but you must book
Contact:Isabella Hadley Tel.0786762454 e-mail  
Bring a picnic if you want.

Treasure Hunt in and around Solothurn Saturday 21st September

Treasure Hunt in and around Solothurn, come along and try and solve the clues to find
the treasure before the pirates get to it first, great fun for all.
When:21st September2019 
Contact:Jin Buchanan, Helen Sharp or Adrian Allen
RSVP: or

Guy Fawkes Night Friday 1st November 2019

Come along to watch the fireworks and sit around the fire toasting marshmellows
eating your food and drinking your drinks.
When:Friday 1st November 2019 at 19:00 (Lighting the fire at 19:30pm)guyfawkes.jpg
Where:Steinhauer, Pfadiheim Solothurn. 
Cost: Member Adult Fr15, Child Fr 5 up to 16yrs, Fr 30 Family  (Non Members Adult Fr 20 ,Child Fr 5 up to 16yrs Family Fr 40)
Pumkin soup,Hotdogs, Cake. & soft drinks inclusive in entrance price.
Bring your own beers and wine.
Contact:Ben and Helen Sharp or Grit Groggins
E-mail: or
RSVP:By the 31st October 2018
Map: Click

Christmas Dinner Saturday 7th December 2019 Apero at 7:00pm with dinner to follow.

When:Saturday7thtDecember 2019. Apero at 7:00pm with dinner to follow.smdinnertable.png
Where:Resturant Grenchenhof, Grenchen.  
Cost:Fr. About Sfr 65.00 details to follow with menu 
Contact: Frèdèric Falbriard